27 Sep 2012

Write for Ten: Deck

I decided that I would have another try using the write for ten prompt and see what would spring from my mind. I was surprised again, but not in the same way as yesterday, I was surprised by the whimsy of it. I guess that is one of the good things about doing the Write for Ten, is that you discover things about yourself & your writing. Please feel free to leave an opinion.

‘Wow’ she said as she swirled around the large empty space. She simultaneously spread her fingers and toes to fill as much of the room as her small frame could, and after a large intake of breath she breathed out and a smile slowly lit up her face.

She was filled with so much joy that she didn’t believe that she would ever be able to stop swirling around. As she did so she envisioned all the changes that would be made to the room; the large coniferous tree would fill the corner where the old piano used to be, soft leather chairs would be placed by the fireplace to sink into, the fireplace would be garnished with stockings and cards and there would be nuts and chocolate on every side table.

She spun to face the doorway, flung out her arms as if to hug the space and pulled them back just as swiftly to hug herself, gave a nod and declared;

‘Yes, I will also deck the hall with boughs of holly!’


  1. LOVE it... and I'm just like her when getting ready for Christmas :)... start seeing how it's going to look like before it's even started eheheh :D

    1. hahahah! I love getting ready for Christmas too :) Thank you.

  2. So different from yesterday's. But it left me feeling really happy, and ready for Christmas... three months early!

  3. No suspense - I'm glad! I love Christmas :D

  4. You totally caught my fancy....well done!!


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