9 Jul 2012

It's Brum! (Photologue)

Last weekend I spent a few days in the 3rd/4th (?) largest city in the UK. I have in the past had little expectations of what there is to see in Birmingham (nickname of Brum and pronounced Bur-ming-um) as my only experience to date had been to training days in the outskirts.

I once spent a night there in the City and it was enjoyable and I put that down to the nice weather we were having at the time.

Well, I have now seen for myself and its not all bad - so if you are doing a whistle stop tour of the UK or are stopping over in Birmingham for a night and have some spare time then make sure you see some sights....here are my pics! A special shoutout to Keebles as its home of her fave band Duran Duran :D

Practising being a drunken lush - I'm a natural :)

I love stained glass

the same artist who made the 'angel of the north in Newcastle', you can see the similarity

Spidey is my fave! Is it how you imagined? What did I miss?


  1. That is not at all what I expected Birmingham to look like!  That's more what I expected from Manchester!  Really great pics, BTW!  Still using your Sony?

  2. Its a real mix of old tradition historical styles and then ugly designs from post-war and now more 21st century glass buildings etc. I am surprised you thought Manchester would be like this, I am not sure what its like but as I will be there next month, I will make sure to do a Manchester Photologue. Yes, I am still using my little Sony camera that I got for America. It hasn't been too bad (touch wood) and I think the photo's have come out well. The only thing I would say is remembering when to have the flash on and off. Auto doesn't always make sense.

  3. not what i would have expected..... photos give a good flavour of Brummie city, some very old and some very new.Nice one


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