27 Jun 2012

Alas poor yorick!

Ok, so the last few posts have been music reviews and if I am honest the next few will be too. I love music. But I need to practice writing and I had hoped that by writing them, then it would keep me writing and would stop me from getting writers block. I have read a fair few posts lately and people have all said how they have had it, but they have then been funny with it – you won’t get that here, hells no! blud.

So, I wanted to write a post to go inbetween the music reviews and gig reviews. I was looking for inspiration and every stone I turned over had nothing underneath. So here I was, pondering upon the idea, umming and ahhing and reading other people posts and thinking, hmmm – is that something I feel I have something to say something about, I mean it could be something…

My sister sent me these two pictures which reminded her of me, of ME! Despicable (you have to say that life Daffy duck or, well, it just wont work any other way.)

Sounds a bit like me actually...
Quite harsh! but quite accurate.

Then, I was inspired, I received a prompt sent from fate or destiny or whoever it is sends prompts in the form of idiocy.

This may make no sense, so let me start by telling you how I came to be at this point, the story that prompted this post’s eventual subject.

I wrote my first music review about a band called Amida. I posted it. I tweeted it. I liked it and a couple of people commented on it. It was a good day.

A day or so later I received answers to my questions from the next review that I was writing, the band the Mutineers. So I posted it. I tweeted it. No comments! I didn’t expect comments from anyone except maybe some existing followers who always take pity on my comment status and throw me a bone (almost daily! ‘cos they’re that bloody wonderful!). But nothing. Sad face.

Then yesterday after posting the third band Slow Readers Club.  I posted. I tweeted. I waited. No comments. Sad face.

Then I discovered that a couple of friends had been unable to view my blog..hmmm…then I remembered that I had altered the URL! I know I shouldn't have, but after the blog was referred to as Suddenly Seeking (remember that original name) I decided to make it match the actual blog name because Suddenly Seeking has that desperate widow vibe going on. I foolishly assumed that if you were following my blog, and I changed the URL then blogger would automatically update all followers links. Yeah, na├»ve I know and subsequently disappointed.

Luckily, I only had to send 105 emails to let people know.

If it had happened on Monday it would have been 106 emails but I lost a follower yesterday, its a sad day and being a Wednesday I am full of woe and I feel like I should be in mourning. I don’t know if its because they couldn’t find my blog anymore and thought they would just delete it or if they just hate new music and incompetent bloggers who write drivel instead of writing critically acclaimed, informative, life changing, soul speaking, introspective, extraverted, new age, scientific fabulousness. 

I think I feel like I would have benefited from a leaving note, like a letter of resignation….maybe something like this;

Dear Kate

I have been following your blog for a few weeks now. I started during the A to Z challenge just to be sociable really, and I didn’t want you to feel like a complete failure, at least not right off the bat.

After a week, I knew deep down that it wasn’t going to work out between us. I just didn’t feel that we made a good fit. Maybe I am just too intelligent, witty, gorgeous and inspiring and was unable to see those characteristics in you that I felt that my talents were overshadowing yours and highlighting your inadequacies.

Yes, it was funny at first, short flippant posts about how you could and could not do particular jobs, if I am honest, I laughed along with you at your total incompetence, your dislike of staying up after 7pm and your inability to wear vest tops.

When you took me travelling to New York, Budapest & Devon, I’ll be honest there were moments when I thought our mutual hatred of abbreviated words would be enough to get us through, the glue that would hold us together as word soldiers but really you just need to get out more!

I won’t lie, when I saw a post with VIP in the heading my eyes lit up, and I thought we might be star crossed bloggees after all – but I only discovered that you expect too much from places, from people, from everything. Expectations that I could not possibly fulfil. You may say that you just want me to glance over once in a while and that is all but when I do, I worry that I will get distracted by your confusing sentences and incessant YouTube clips, fall into a coma and never be able to enjoy the pleasure of my own company again.

It;s you.,..not me, and honestly, its always been you.


And all this lead me to think that I really should write a post about abandonment!


  1. I have to comment on my own post! Seriously, when I wrote that it was lighthearted and slightly humourous, now it reads really sad and melancholic! I promise I am a happy bunny, bounce bounce, nose twitch etc.

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  3. ahhhh much is explained about the blankness I saw t'other day blogwise.....rule one of the blog....decide your blogname before writing lol....keep up the good work! love Ralph x


    1. Thanks Ralph! I was under pressure and it was the first thing that came to mind! There is a blogpost all about it somewhere in the archives if you care to sniff it out :) well, enough with all this yapping...they keep getting better, eh!

  4. Very funny :) Good stuff, Kate, keep it up xx

    1. Why thank you kind sir! That is a totally badass comment right there. :)

  5. Hahaha. I liked this - but then I have that sort of humour....

    1. Hehe! Thanks..it reminded me of Lynn and you and the banter between you. All in a good way :)))))


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