17 May 2012

The Avengers: My view

Avengers (comics)
Avengers (comics) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Last night I went to see the latest movie release from Joss WhedonThe Avengers. I should probably add that we made the mistake of seeing it in 3D. I say mistake because I find it really annoying and it is still blurry even with the glasses on. Also, it was set in NYC.

Here is the trailer for the film, just in case you haven't heard of it and have only now taken a step out from underneath the rock you are snuggled under.

I can't say I really knew what to expect because I have not seen any of the movies associated with the individual characters. Such as; Hulk, Thor, & Iron Man. But I have seen a fair bit of Joss Whedon's work on TV and in Film. Most notably 'Cabin in the Woods' that was out last month.  I had seen the avengers trailer before I went and my initial reaction to that had been that it seemed absolutely dire. To be fair the trailer doesn't do the film justice.

But I have to be honest,and I wouldn't have rated it an 8.7/10 as IMDB has given it or even an 8.1/10 that rotten tomatoes thought it deserved.  My main reason for this being the story. Or in this case the crappy story. I like a good story or at the very least a decent one, and I am getting very bored with the usual cliche's and outdated sentiment that the US is the world and they will always save us all. Where are the ethnically diverse, globally sourced team of superheroes? I just want some depth. Is that too much to ask? It is. But in the case of The Avengers I am happy to accept that, I even make excuses for it, because comic book heroes are cliche's and the storylines are tenuous, things happen that make no sense.  The first Avengers comic was published in 1963 when we all knew no better or at least lived happily in blissful ignorance. The script made me cringe so many times, even more times than in American Pie: the reunion. And so, I accept that, but it still affects the total rating that I will give this film.

On the plus side though, it was entertaining and the effects were good, there was a lot of action which restricted dialogue and storyline and helped so much. Another plus, was that there was no romantic storyline, I find that these can often ruin a lot of action films and is often gratuitous.  Another plus was the total lack of male or female objectification (other than their outfits) and of late this has been something that frustrates me. Maybe it is my old age or something but if its not necessary to the story then don't put it in. If anyone is interested in objectifying men then I would point you to Jeremy Renners arms - hubba hubba! Ahem. Anyway...Gwyneth Paltrow was in the film briefly (she was in Iron Man I believe) and she really didnt need to be, if the scene she was in had been cut it wouldn't have made any difference at all to the film. A quick mention goes to Scarlett Johansson who can sometimes be quite irritating on screen but I really liked her as Black Widow and she didn't irritate me at all and I found her to be well cast in that role. But then I don't know which film she was in before as Black Widow.

The film was quite long, as soon as it started it jumped straight in with the action and didn't really let up, I never left the cinema thinking 'wow!' I want to see that again, but two of the people I went with had already seen it once, so I am sure plenty of people did. I would recommend seeing it if comic book heroes are your thing. Otherwise catch it on DVD. Its a good film and I will give it a very generous 7/10...okay then 7.5/10.

I should probably add a disclaimer here: these views are mine and mine alone and I find it absolutely hilarious that every review I read has said its stupendous, amazing, a reinvention of the wheel and Joss Whedon is a virtual demi-god. Maybe he should cast himself in Avengers 2. But seriously, i'm a fussy cow when it comes to films and I have a penchant for the commercially crap ones.
P.S My co-writer on this blog would have scored it higher!


  1. Excellent review! I'm gonna wait until it comes out on DVD (but will probably get it). I also haven't seen the individuals either (well, besides Captain Avenger, and that was only because Richard Armitage was in it for all of five minutes), so I'm sure that reflects both of our opinions. Oh, wait, I have seen The Hulk, but it totally sucked (or maybe because I don't like Edward Norton - Mark Ruffalo was a much better choice).

    I'm looking forward to Snow White And The Huntsman and Pixar's Brave...those are my next two!

  2. I should add that mark ruffalo is a great Eric Bana,

  3. Good point, forgot about that Hulk...they remade that movie WAY too soon!

  4. I loved it, but I guess it's because I sort of look at comic book movies differently. Obviously they won't have depth. Because depth isn't what they're about.


    1. I agree - and I am well aware they don't - but it didn't stop me from wanting this one to be different. 7.5 is very high praise from me indeed :D lol


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