6 Apr 2012

Butter wouldn't melt!

Hello Everyone!

I'm still here, but have been quite busy with the A to Z challenge (slight understatement!).

I haven't been stitching but have been thinking about it a lot and hope to maybe fit some in this weekend. We only have Sundays off though! My theme which I am not sure I revealed last time is Career choices, I take a very quick look at careers that I have always wanted to try my hand at give you an idea of why I would and wouldnt be good at it, so far we (thats the royal we) have had;

  • A is for Actor
  • B is for Bookseller
  • C is for Chef
  • D is for Dancer
  • E is for Event Planner
  • and today is F is for Fairy!

Also, next week is my trip to New York City - I am pretty excited now and have finished work for two weeks. I intend to blog about the whole experience, from the planning to the research and to the trip itself and obviously loads of photographs :) I am travelling alone for the first time since my divorce and whilst researching, I found it very difficult to find out the nitty gritty of planning a trip like this and what considerations to make. I found a lot of blogs about the trip - but I am a details girl, I want to know exactly where you stayed, how long it took you to get to places and what forms, visa's etc you needed.

I love to plan my own independent travel and when travelling alone it works out less expensive (still expensive as its NYC!). So I will post about that in case any of you are in a situation where you will be venturing off alone. Sometimes its not even that you are single but that your partner doesnt want to go, or cant go due to work, all your friends have commitments or no disposable funds. It will probably go up on Suddenly Seeking (the name will change as I think it sounds like a personal ad for widows) so keep an eye out or subscribe to my posts on that blog if this is something that interests you.

Other than the Suddenly Seeking blog (see link in sidebar to the right - go on, you know you want to ;) ), and trying to get organised for next week not a lot has happened. If any of you do decide to drop by, tomorrow *spoiler alert* I will be posting the slideshow of my photos from Torre Abbey Gardens in Devon.

Other things that will come up in my other blog..
That time I went to the Dominican Republic to do something special for my 21st
That time I travelled around Israel in a week
That time I nearly got locked in a crypt with the hunchback of notre dame's twin
That time I got lost on the west bank
That time I nearly fell off Mount Masada
That time I got lost in Jordan
That time I went to Petra
That time I went bankrupt in Cairo, met a man crossing the road, rode a camel along the banks of the nile at night, slept in the desert and attended a Bedouin wedding

...and thats just the tip of the iceberg! What about that time I went to see a juju man in Africa to find a thief!!

And as a consolation prize for reading through all this shameless advertising, here is a pic of my nieces who had there birthdays this past week, one has reached 3 the other is the ripe old age of 6..

Because butter wouldn't melt!!

Bye for now

Kate x


  1. You are absolutely right. Butter wouldn't dare melt... they are beautiful.
    You just want to big-time hug them!! :)

    Great job on your challenge, too. Have fun in NY!!

  2. Have fun on your trip! Safe travels. Can't wait to hear all about it!

  3. Thank you, I hope to. Not too nervous but will be come Wednesday. When does your NYC post go up?? ;)

  4. OMgosh!the girls arevery pretty!
    Haha I just read your post. You went to see the juju man in Africa to find a thief? this one tops it all. You are really funny, Kate. I'm really going to be checking your blog for some fun posts.

  5. Thank you Cece, I appreciate your comments and thank you for stopping by my crafty blog!


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