16 Mar 2012

Preparing for IHSW

Morning! (well, the picture above was taken yesterday morning - can you see the bridge?? No? I couldn't either, or the buildings just behind the tree)

I hope everyone is ready for IHSW this weekend...it will make up for the fact that I am not :)

I have been searching everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE for inspiration on what to stitch this week and I went through all my stitching books to see if anything grabbed my attention. It didn't but I did find a half finished piece of cross stitch in one of the pages. So I took that out and decided to finish it, but I have now and it means that I still have no clue for the weekend. In my search I went to a cross stitch shop and thought I would just buy a Kit regardless of the price, but none grabbed my attention and then I browsed online and still nothing, NOTHING I tell you! haha

Do you ever have your mojo but nothing calls out to you to be stitched?

I have spent a fair amount of this year complaining that I have lost my mojo and now its back and I've lost my inspiration, its so frustrating.Grr! But I do intend to hermit away anyway and see if I cant finish another WIP, if not by choice then by self-force. Sorry for moaning, oops.

Here is a pic of what the finished piece was supposed to look like...its by Joan Elliott and is taken from her book A Cross Stitcher's Oriental Odyssey. It means LOVE, awww.

My version was stitched on 18ct (I have just taken a really close picture) and I didn't add the band on the bottom or use gold as a frame or to outline the symbol. I had a big skein of shocking pink metallic thread and decided to use that too. It is about 3"x4" finished, and I intend to make it into a pomander. You wont see the holes then. Here is the pic I last took for my WIP page (which I don't have anymore) and how I found it in the book.

And here it is!!

I think it came out ok, but will look much better when I have finished it off as the pomander - I'm so girly, I think it needs ribbon.

Have a great weekend and for those in the UK, Happy Mothers Day!! I completely forgot, so stitching might be restricted on Sunday :)

Kate x


  1. Awesome photo of the fog! And good progress on your JE. Maybe you just need to find a small ornie to get your inspiration back. 

  2. Love the pink, nice touch!

  3. Really magnificent photo! The JE small is beautifull as well. I've never had mojo, but nothng I'd like to stitch... but way to often my mojo wants me to start something new when I really don't need a new start!

  4. That pic is beautiful...so mysterious but SO pretty! I like your Oriental Odyssey too. So pretty. I can't wait to see you finish it off.

    I hope you find something to stitch this weekend that inspires you & keeps your mojo going. Happy Mother's Day to all of you in the UK.

  5. Gorgeous finish, Kate!! :D Well, you're thinking about stitching, so that's something. Want me to eenie minie mo a piece for you? ROFLMAO!!!

    Love the fog pic.

  6. Great work!  You're mojo-inspirational!!  Oh, I gave you a Liebster award.


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