5 Dec 2011

Second EVER cross stitch

Hi All,

I recently had an opportunity to take a pic of the second piece of cross stitch I ever did and finished. The first is in my Grandma's house, so next time I am there I will take a photo.  This one I gave to my sister about 15 years ago and fell in love with it.

It is a Country Companions design called 'Button Up Your Overcoat'

Maybe I should add another Country Companions design to my to-do list? lol!

In another news...my mojo isnt completely back but I was reading other peoples blogs and they were all getting itchy feet about wanting to start something new...and as next year I plan to do all my WIPs before anything new, I figured that it would be ok to start something...right?  I saw on Keebles World stash list a Design Works kit and remembered I have one of these unstarted! So thats what I have done.  It has gone slightly wrong already - kit curse - in that I used a strand of said colour and it is a slightly different shade! Fortunately I dont think that it will actually matter that much due to the nature of the design. I thought it was on my 'to do' page but it isnt so here is a pic....might post my progress tonight or tomorrow...depends how I get on.

Thanks to everyone for all their lovely comments - poor santa was upset that no-one liked him :( but I explained that it was probably the nudity that scared people away! One more sleeve and he will be ok.

Bye for now!

Kate x

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  1. Sorry to hear your mojo is completely back, but your Button Up Your Overcoat is adorable! Have fun with your new start : )


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