30 Dec 2011

I don't believe it!

I thought that it would be quiet over the Christmas period in blogger land - I couldnt have been more wrong...I only have 242 posts to read!

I am off out now but will be reading them later :)

I hope everyone had a good christmas and are looking forward to the new year, and to all those crazy people who are taking part in the January challenge or WIPocalypse...Good Luck!

 I have three things I want to start/finish next year...

  1. The Geisha (deadline: March)
  2. Joan Elliot Calendar (as provided in the free diary that came with World of Cross Stitching, I will be hoping to stitch one each month during IHSW)
  3. Mirabilia; Lady of the Mist (no deadline)

Bye for now and look out for comments later :)

Kate x


  1. Oh, I hear ya, Kate. I'm here catching up on blog reading instead of stitching on Chinese Garden cos I'm afraid that if I leave the blogs for another day, they'll need a county of volunteers to dig me out. ROFL!!

    Happy New Year!


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