23 Nov 2011

First past the post!

Morning All!

Did you like my horsey reference? No, me neither but it was the only one I could think of. ha!

The other day I responded to a question on Chris' Blog about my favourite part of stitching.  My answer was the backstitch. It is my favourite part BUT it is also my least favourite part. It always seems to take so long (is that just me?) and I am never convinced that it is right - it kind of looks messy as you do it. But once its done and you step back  - Yep! It really brings out the picture.

Last night at five minutes to midnight (GMT) I finished the backstitch. One horse down and one to go! Today I wont be stitching as I have to sort out my friends advent calendar - I put it in a safe place.....so safe in fact that even I cant find it! They will be disappointed if I cant find it so I will have to search everywhere (AGAIN).  I am also going to my friends for a girls night and they have requested that I take Hotter or Notter (my hottie game), I haven't updated the pictures for 2011 and we are so fickle that a lot of last years hot picks have changed. But that means sorting out why my printer won't print -so the list goes on.

Here is my finish of the big horse (I am going to try and add a slide show in the sidebar but I know some people have trouble viewing those).

Before the backstitch:

After the backstitch:

Not bad, not bad at all!


  1. It's amazing what backstitching does to a piece. Your horse looks wonderful!

  2. Wow, the backstitching really makes a huge difference in your horses piece. Great job! I don't like backstitching! lol

  3. Your horse looks great. Especially with the backstitching.

  4. Beautiful!! The backstitching really brings it to life! :)

  5. Not bad??? Puh-lease!! I'd say AWESOME!! :D

    I hate backstitching, but there's not denying its amazing effect!

  6. It looks awesome! I love horses!

  7. wow! That horse looked a little bit wrong before the back stitch. I love the effect of back stitch too, it really makes a design ping!


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