23 Sep 2011

I am switching...

I have decided to switch back to wordpress.com (it has less glitches i.e.none) and I hope those who follow me will still do so there??  I have a big job ahead of me now and will work on getting it all sorted out tonight - ready for a  launch tomorrow. If you do decide to then click on the link above this post (My wordpress blog)

I am feeling positive as I have finished my Lizzie Kate Friends SAL exchange - yeah, I went a bit crazy with that one :) I am just waiting for Xeihua address to send it to her and then when she gets it, I will post a picture.

Also, this Saturday is girls night and I am giving the Mabel Lucie Attwell piece to my friend (I will post a picture of it framed soon) and I am nervous that she won't like it. Fingers crossed that she will though. It will also mean a night of laughing and talking about the hottest blokes on TV. They are supernatural fans and reckon that Dean  is much hotter this season (as opposed to Sam last season). I only started watching it this season and...its ok and yes Jensen Ackles is a pretty pouty boy :) but its not my favourite of shows.

I have to go to Hobbycraft today to get a frame.....I don't 'expect' to come out with anything else...but seeing people blogs and the gorgeous designs they have done has definitely inspired me...oh, and it is payday!

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