28 Sep 2011

Breast Cancer Care Mandala

I decided yesterday that whilst I was waiting for some linen to turn up and for October to start that I would start on the Breast Cancer Care Mandala.

I have done it on 18ct white aida and it is quite small and hopefully I will get it finished before next weekend.  It is also only 4 colours! I have also tried drawing on the squares (a new technique for me) and this will maybe make me less likely to go wrong.
I picked the colours at random and as you can see from my picture below I have chosen to use quite a dark pink variegated thread. This is DMC# 99 . The pale pink of the bow is DMC# 225. and I am going to use DMC #962 for the darker outline. This thread will also be the colour of the other bows and the will have a dark outline in DMC# 3731.
I am going to use it in a box lid and give it to my mum as she is a breast cancer survivor.

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