12 Sep 2011

Another old fave post..

I like this post - not because it has an profound or groundbreaking observations but because it was funny to discuss a film with someone who hadnt seen it yet they managed to make me reassess my first impressions of it.

Michael Cera, canadian actor (MACBA, Barcelona).
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I just had a conversation via messenger with my friend about the film Nick and Norah's infinite playlist and it went like this:
It's not the best movie ever, and maybe doesn't even make a good rating. but its ok, not a lot happens and it's not that funny either. am i selling it?
haha you're so selling it!
there is a hideous sick in the mouth moment - but it is quite sweet. in an odd way.
not that sick in the mouth moment tho - other moments
but it is the most pointless movie title ever.
I think i started watching online a couple of years ago late at night and fell asleep
it has an indie kinda feel and quite arty teeny. the more i think about it the less real meaning it has, the story doesn't flow particularly well and it has typical stereotypes that grasp to make it more than it was feel. BUT even having said that - I would watch it again.
haha you really haven't sold my friend tee hee
why would I sell your friend???
haha I can't type
I may not have sold it as a must see movie, or an iconic movie of the time, or as oscar winning performances from all involved BUT....if theres nothing on television and you fancy watching something then it will fill the void - or better still have it on in the background whilst online and occasionally peer over your laptop - just not at the sick in the mouth bit
i get you! yeah films like that are useful for background wallpaper
haha - i have just looked it up on idmb and it scores a 6.8/10
6.8 is n't bad
I know!! I possibly underrated it. As if I would - I was probably more honest, and i think some of that is cos of Michael Cera being in it
And then I came across a blog that was posted today about Nick and Norah's infinite playlist at: http://henmania.wordpress.com/2011/06/07/nick-and-norahs-infinite-playlist/
and I felt a little guilty.
Who are you going to believe? Why not just watch it and decide for yourself, if you havent already. It is watchable though.

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