Top 5 Tuesdays

UPDATE: We now only do 5! So welcome back for Top 5 Tusedays

A little while ago at the beginning of the summer I set myself a challenge to blog for 30 days and for each post I was to provide a top ten of something. I was lucky enough to be joined on this challenge by Tiffany at Tiffstitches. Ever since I have been thinking about how I can add this fun list idea to my blog more regularly and have come up with the spiffing idea of 'Top 10 Tuesdays'.

I cordially invite all readers of this blog, old and new, to join me in posting a top ten each Tuesday. You can write fun lists or more serious ones but remember to check here the Friday before to find out what the following weeks theme will be. Also, feel free to throw some suggestions my way, serious, frivolous or otherwise.

If you do decide to join then grab the button (from the left-hand sidebar of this blog) and add it to your site, and link up here (email me so I can add your link) so we know who is playing and can pop by to see what wonderful Top 10s there are.

Check out the following blogs.....

1. Tiffstitches a Blog
2. Keebles World

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  1. Hi Kate,

    As I do the themes in my head each week, I'll try and join in when I can. My blog is


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