8 Feb 2017

Top 5 Tuesday #5: Top five BAP's

I’m late, I’m late for a very important date!

There is a reason which I consider to be valid…I struggled with this weeks Top 5, would you believe it? I have a burning desire to stitch a BAP but have yet to see one that grabs me, but that being said I do have one in my stash courtesy of Keebs and I have started one too….so I shall include them…

1. Aimee Stewarts – Stitching shelf

Image result for a stitching shelf

2. Aimee Stewarts –Treasure Hunt shelf (my progress next time)

Image result for treasure hunt shelf
3. Aimee Stewarts – Little Dreamers Tree

Image result for little dreamers tree

4. Long Dog Samplers – Death By Cross Stitch

Admittedly, this isn’t so much a BAP as a MAP but I am sure it will take me a while…especially as I am still deciding on thread colour!

Image result for death by cross stitch

5. Mystery Project

This project is such a mystery that I don’t even know what it is – because I have yet to choose it – I want to stitch something epic but I don’t know what…so any ideas?


  1. I never thought until you asked for ideas but I'd consider a Chatelaine a BAP

    1. YES!! That is such a good point and I really want to stitch one, those are gorgeous...my problem is deciding which one! Are you stitching on one?

  2. I really like them all. I'm never exactly sure how to define a BAP, but I do have 2 HAEDs on the go. But they are not full coverage so . . . ?

  3. Great choices! I finally got my post up...


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