10 Jan 2013

I'm moving!

Ive decided that two blogs is too much!

So I am going to blog about crafts on my main blog.

I hope you will all follow me there, I have a kitten arriving this evening so pics will follow soon, and I am waiting for Tiki to announce the arrival of her Xmas exchange. I will be relying on her for photos as I managed (dont ask me how!) to drop my iphone into boiling coffee!

I am so talented, Miranda (from the TV show of the same name) is my twin!  :D

So come on...lets go...



  1. I'm changing my list and starting to follow your new blog! :)

  2. I am off to look Just now and I will follow your new blog too :)

  3. Thank you ladies :D and also thanks to those others who have followed me too! You know youre awesome, right?

  4. Bare with...bare with...bare with...bare with...and I'm back! SUCH FUN!


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