16 Jan 2013

Black Books: Series 1, Episode 3

I have had to remember to press the stop button on the DVD player because I have been ready to keep watching after each episode, which considering the number of times I have seen it, is a great thing for a TV show to be able to do repeatedly.

Episode Title

Grapes of Wrath


i.   A Faith Wizard
ii.  Nice Arse
iii. In The Cellar
iv. Old Wine Is Good Wine
v. My Legacy


The episode starts with a friend of Bernards, trying to convince him to house sit, bribing him with a shiatsu neck massager. Manny is tired of the disgusting living conditions and hires a cleaner to clean the apartment/cellar/back room. In order for him to do a thorough clean he needs the place to be empty and so Manny convinces Bernard that they should house sit. The man has a wine cellar and he tells Manny which ones are not to be touched and which he can drink as much of as he likes. Manny gets it the wrong way round and they drink all the expensive bottles (costing a total of £7000). At the same time Fran goes on a date only to discover that her date is gay.


  • Manny eating scrambled egg with a comb as a spoon and from out of a shoe.
  • Before her date Fran goes to see Bernard and shows him her dress and her new laugh and turn.
  • The cleaner is played by a great character actor Kevin Eldon.
  • Bernard suggest they burn down the house in order to escape being caught out for drinking the wine. Instead they make fake old wine.
  • Bernards starts eating a coaster and Manny asks what he is eating and Bernard says some fancy biscuit thing.

Laugh Out Loud Moment

Manny is trying to get Bernards attention but Bernard is reading, and Manny calls him repeatedly and also when Manny and Bernard are drinking the wine, Manny ties his hair in bunches, this was pretty funny!

Best Line

Holding the shiatsu neck massager in front of his chest, Manny says;
'Look, I'm a prostitute robot from the future!'
 Special mention to the wine descriptions especially;
  •  like a farmyard of wine
  • like looking into the eye of a duck....and drinking all the water from its beak
  • also @typendlebury reminded me on twitter; All the colours. ALL the colours. Well, yellow.
The storyline for Fran was a bit dull and it was almost only there to keep her busy whilst we watched Manny and Bernard.
Do you agree with my laugh out loud suggestions? What was your favourite part?


  1. Favourite part (not forgetting I'm doing this from memory ;) - when they are making the new wine and Mannie becomes more and more like Frankenstines monster. I agree about Frans storyline, it was almost a distraction.

    1. yes, that was funny..when the massager caused him to have muscle spasm and he had a toffee (randomly) which broke his tooth...its was silly...how I love silly!


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