20 Feb 2012

Update...only the back stitch to go!

Only the back stitch left, what a relief that is. Well, it was until I realised I need gold thread!!!!! I have some thankfully.
As much as I love the effect of back stitch, I really am not to crazy about doing it.

I was too tempted and back stitched the face!


  1. beautiful!! I love her!! The backstitch will be so worth it in the end!

  2. Her face is just gorgeous. That backstitching is worth every single stitch. What a beautiful close-up. :)

    go Kate, go Kate, go...

  3. Backstitching is one of my least favorite things, but at least you will soon be finished! She looks stunning, I love all the colors and complimentary background.

  4. beautiful work! Looks amazing :D

  5. Kate!!! Look at you go!!! She looks stunning. OMG!!! I'm so excited I'm literally bobbing on my chair, I kid you not!!!!!

    BACKSTITCH FASTER, GIRL!! LOL!!! She looks soooooo goood.... now I'm going to be dying to stitch her this year. :D

  6. I have done nothing but backstitch every night. Black is almost done and then will do green but still have gold after that. Have come over all dizzy so going to bed. She really looks better now and thank you all so much for your lovely comments. And Joyce I can't wait for you to start yours.

  7. beautiful stitching :D backstitch can take ages as I found out with boxers!

  8. Yeah, backstitch is no fun - but it can make all the difference!


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