1 Apr 2016

[#AtoZChallenge] A is for...Aladdin

I decided that my theme would be Disney this year!

Which...considering my best friend is an expert on this subject...I have never written about it before.

I have no great plan other than to think of the letter and the first Disney related thing I can think of will be that day's subject :)

So...I sat down...I said...letter A...I said...Disney...and the first thing I thought of was Aladdin. 

Yep, not Ariel or Anna or Alice but Aladdin. 

Oddly, two of my least favourite Disney films are The Little Mermaid and Aladdin, and I've not seen Alice in Wonderland! 

But I digress...ah yes...Aladdin...I think the reason that I'm not too keen is because when it came out I was overexposed to it, the girl I used to babysit was obsessed with it! I do like the pantomime of Aladdin though, that stuffs hilarious!

So...Aladdin...what can I say...not much...and as I have tagged this challenge as craft related...i've searched the depths of the interweb to find some fun Aladdin themed crafts....are you ready,..no..me neither! Ahem.

I found this...Aladdin themed cubee craft...I think its really cool and easy to do especially with children...

Cubeecraft Of Street Rat Aladdin From Disney's Movie Aladdin | SKGaleana:

For a while now I have been meaning to try my hand at 'Amigurumi' so that I can make these fun things....


Not quite a craft...ok it is...if I can include Cake Craft?

I am not sure what tomorrow will bring...well I have an inkling! Happy A day!


  1. Seriously? How cool is this? You and Disney!!! And who says I'm not a good influence on others (well, besides me)? I can't wait to see how you progress with this!

  2. Oh, and I bet I know what your "B" is too!

  3. Nice start and great choice! If you're not a huge fan of this one, check out Honest Trailers description, it is awesome.

    1. Ah yes, I love those and that was is really funny :)

  4. What a fun topic though!
    As a lover of all things Disney and crafts :D
    Good luck with the challenge! (and I hope you've seen Hercules for the end of the alphabet ;) )
    Also that amigurumi Genie is adorable!!

    1. The genie is great right? I do have to learn how to make him.

  5. I too either saw or heard Aladdin at least a million times. I absolutely loved the hidden adult jokes in it though. Thank heavens for that because my son and nephew had it on auto repeat in the VCR for at least a year. Cute post and crafts. Happy A to Z to you!
    @ScarlettBraden from
    Frankly Scarlett

    1. Thank you Scarlett and thanks for stopping by! :)

  6. Great post Kate. I love anything Disney. The crochet looks like fun.


  7. Enjoyed your A. I quite like the movie, but then I got to choose when and how often I saw it.

    1. Yes, you were very lucky! I've only just got that song out of my head!


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