12 Sep 2011

The start of my blog..

Like a lot of cross-stitchers, I end up giving most of my finished articles away - this is the first that I have done and photographed.

I recently completed a cross-stitch project that I started in May - all I managed to do of it was to make the chart for the design. It ended up that I didnt start stitching untl 5 days before the deadline.  I did manage to finish it and make it into a cushion.

The design that I used as my inspiration was ....

I wanted to make it personal to my friend, so I changed the skin colour, the hair colour and the glowve colour as well as the wording in the thought bubble. As it is popart I also decided to make it all block colour (no dots) and the end result was this...
The final design came out at 9"x10" and was awkward to find a frame for at such short notice. I made it into a throw cushion instead....
And she was very pleased with it, I am glad to say.

I have been trying to keep a blog for ages and hopefully this will be it :)

Welcome to my blog.

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